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chemical chemical

Chemical treatment is a vital process and is the first step involved in the furniture manufacturing. The treatment gives longer life to the furniture providing high resistance from the damage causing agents like borers and termites. All wood species do not require the treatment process.

Species that require chemical treatment: Rubber wood, Mango

Species that doesn’t require chemical treatment: Teak, Beech wood, Pine

We have a separate chemical impregnation plant for this process. Vacuum and high pressure are created inside the chamber to remove the trapped air completely and then the liquid chemical is pumped into the chamber until the minimum pressure reaches 8 bars inside it. After this chemical treatment for 1 to 2 hours, the timbers are taken out and stacked vertically for natural drying with at least 25mm gap between each for air to pass through.

Once the chemical treatment is done, the timber is sent for the Kiln drying process.