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Kiln drying facility is readily available to treat the wet logs after the chemical treatment to convert it into usable timber in just 21 days.

We are equipped with 12 kilns with the drying capacity of 30,000 Cft per month that can reduce the wood moisture to less than 8% to 12%

Once the chemical treatment is done, the moisture in the timbers is raised to 40 to 100%. This moisture content is brought down to 8% to 10% by our kiln drying process. Only at this level, the timbers become suitable for making furniture and later polishing. The timbers are stacked inside the kiln and hot air is circulated inside the chamber for a specific number of days (varies according to the thickness) to remove the moisture content from the timbers till it reaches the required level.

    Normally drying time:
  • For 1” thick, it is about 7 days
  • For 2”, it is 14 days
  • For 3”, it is 21 days